Dog Ear Mites and Dog Ear Infections

Dog ear mites and dog ear infections go together because it there is presence of dog ear mites it often causes dog ear infections.  It is a very common problem and one that requires your attention to control and prevent further issues.

You can usually tell if there are ear mites in dogs just by looking at the ears. Mites leave some debris that resembles coffee grounds and they cause the dog’s ears to itch. These pesky creatures don’t go away without treatment and leaving them too long without medication will lead to certain ear infection in the dog’s ears.

Dog ear infections are painful just as the dog ear mites create painful conditions, they DO actually bite the ears and sometimes you can see the visible signs of ear mite bites in their ears. Dog ear infections cause the dog’s ears to hurt, the ears are often red, sore and tender to the touch. You may also notice some sticky substance within or coming from the ears. Ear aches are usually always associated with dog ear infections and you may also see that the dog keeps shaking it’s head or rubbing the ears against everything. It is looking for relief and it’s up to YOU to provide some good dog ear treatment to get relieve the cause and symptoms of ear infection in dogs.

Dog ear mites and dog ear infections can be resolved with an ear treatment either by prescription ear drops for dogs or an effective over the counter treatment.  There are non-prescription ear drops for dogs that can help to get rid of ear mites and relieve the painful symptoms of dog ear infection.

Antibiotic ear drops for dogs are recommended when ear infection in present. Visit your veterinary office as soon as you notice dog ear problems or get over the counter ear mite and ear infection treatment started right away. The sooner you start with a good dog ear treatment then the sooner your dog’s ears will feel better again.

Take care in choosing ear drops for dogs as they are not all safe – even prescription ear drops for dogs can be dangerous and have negative side effects – some are even known to cause hearing loss!  Many people choose to control and prevent mild ear infections in dogs naturally, avoiding chemicals and pesticides in the dog’s ears. Dr Dogs Ear Oil is a popular formula that will get rid of dog ear mites and has natural antibiotic to fight infection as well as pain reliever to soothe sore red ears and stops the dog head shaking and itchy ears symptoms quickly.

Find out more and get control of dog ear problems related to ear mites and ordinary dog ear infections.

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