How To Get Rid Of Kitten Ear Mites

For sure ear mites in cats and kittens can be terrible.  Those tiny pests create multiple issues that necessitate attention and care from animal caretakers.

To start with, the bites on the cat ears result in pain for the pet. Further, presence of ear mites causes the ears to be very itchy and left unattended, mites most often lead to aggravated ear infection also.

It’s simple to examine the felines ears for indications of being infested. Just take a look at the ears, you can usually see some of these signs:
– dark gunk that resembles coffee grounds
– red spots from bites
– sticky substance coming from the ears
– pawing at the ears, scraching at the ears or rubbing them on everything

Cat ear mites won’t go away without treatment.  Most problems with cat’s ears will need attention. When ear mites are concerned, they can cause a full blown ear infection so don’t delay getting on with acquiring cat ear medication.

As a matter of fact mites increase in number rapidly and they transfer to
any other animals nearby. For this reason, if you have ear mites in cats and you have any other pets, plan to give ALL of them some treatment at the same time, otherwise it will be endless adventure of problems continuing.

Failing to provide a remedy, cats and kittens can hurt themselves more through scratching their ears. Such abrasions may also become open wounds with infection which further worsens the problem.

Killing ear mites in kittens is not hard to do. It requires due diligence to give medicine upon diagnosing and additional application a couple of weeks after the first application.

The following application is because of eggs that will hatch and turn into ear mites which will need treatment in order to get rid of ear mites newly hatched.

Formulas to kill ear mites on kittens is readily available. See the animals clinic for medicine. Alternately go with over the counter (OTC) ear mite ear drops for cats and kittens.  Pay attention to what you buy and be sure it’s actually SAFE for delicate feline ears. If you have other animals in the home, better get some that can be shared with them as ALL animals will need a treatment or you’re going to just have them passed from one to the next in an endless cycle.

One favored over the counter remedy is Dr Dogs Ear Oil. Natural soothing relief for troubles in sore ears. This is known to be safe for all animals, young or old and so it’s one that can be shared between cats and dogs, rabbits, etc. that may reside with them.

Cats often bring 20 or more years of joy your way. Wonderful pets needing little care and having an abundance of love to share with owners.

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