What One Can Expect When The Cat Is Pregnant With Kittens

What One Can Expect When The Cat Is Pregnant With Kittens

Cats term of pregnancy from conceiving to the time kittens are born runs between sixty to sixty four days total.

Initially, you may not even notice that your precious cat is pregnant . It takes time to realize when a cat is going to have babies, just as in other animals, signs of being pregnant take time to become apparent.

Approximately half way through the term it becomes most apparent that a cat is going to have kittens.

About half way through, the cat’s belly begins to get bigger, it may look like it is gaining weight and you may wonder, why is the cat getting FAT?

Upon noticing the cat’s belly becoming bigger, it won’t be long and it’s nipples will also enlarge and
become more obvious too, which will give certain clarity that it is pregnant.

Many concerns arise relating to what follows from this point with pregnant felines and precisely everything that should be done to get ready for the birthing of new kitties and to keep the momma cat strong and well.

A couple of weeks before birth, the “baby bumps” of new kittens may be felt in the mother’s stomach and there may even be obvious outline of the kittens with gentle strokes of the hand.

When all this happens, it’s time to prepare a place for giving birth. Cats prefer a dark and private place. A closet may be a good option due to lack of light and the ability to leave the door ajar so the mother can get in and out as she may so desire.

Although a location has been set up for the pregnant cat, it doesn’t mean the cat will use it. Cats have a mind of their own.  Let them be free to settle into any place they may so choose to give birth and do your best to make it safe and secure for the mother and her newborn kittens .  Pregnant cats will seek out the ideal location to give birth up to a couple weeks ahead of birthing the kittens.  It should be noted that although a place may be readied by the cat caretaker or the cat herself, this doesn’t mean the place will be used, expect the unexpected because she may suddenly give birth anywhere else, whether it’s the living room, garage, bathroom or under a bed but just let her be. In case the kittens are born in a less than ideal location, not to worry, the mother cat will generally pick them up and move them to the place she had in mind for them to be and one should not get in the way of letting her do so.

Approximately 24 hours or less prior to birth, one may observe excessive licking going on as the mother will begin to lick herself incessantly near to the genitalia.  Thirty minutes or more before the actual birth, the water will break which looks like some kind of thick fluid being sprayed from the mother cat.

The number of kittens that the mother will have is another matter that people often inquire about. Most often, there are between one and four kittens born, however, there can be more. Having a checkup by the animal clinic can give a better idea.

Kittens are always born with blue eyes and most of the time they change to green within a couple of weeks. All baby felines are born blind and deaf but within a couple of weeks they generally gain their sight and hearing abilities

If the mother allows it, newborn kittens can be gently touched. Sometimes the mothers want their babies to be left entirely alone and if that’s what she wants then that’s what she should get.

A kitten should be kept with the mother until it reaches 8-10 weeks old. In fact, it will be 2-3 weeks before the babies start becoming very active and after that those little kitties will be running around in a playful manner everyone enjoys seeing.

That’s what to be expecting when you have a pregnant cat. Be sure to get vaccines needed and remember to spay or neuter those newborns so they don’t overpopulate.

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