Getting Rid of Ear Mites in Cats

Ear mites in cats and kittens is a common problem and can be most painful and irritating to the cat’s ears, not to mention those pesky ear mites infesting your home too!

Getting rid of ear mites in cats needs to be on the top of your priority list if your cat has ear mites because they absolutely will not go away without treatment. Further, ear mites in cats can lead to secondary ear infections in cats and the ears will be highly sensitive when ear mites are present.

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of ear mites in cats is quite easy. You can usually see some black debris that looks like coffee grounds in the ears. The cats ears will be itchy and may be red and tender to the touch. Quite often when there’s a problem with ear mites in cats the ears can be bloodied from scratching at the ears.  It’s a good reason to seek effective ear mite treatment as early as you can so the cat can get relief.

Ear mites in cats and kittens will soon find their way into other animals in the home If you have a dog you can expect it will also have ear mites and require treatment.

Treating ALL the animals in the home is required because ear mites in cats transfer to the other animals and the only way of getting rid of ear mites completely is to treat all your animals at the same time.

Avoid using chemicals or harsh pesticides in delicate ears.. Cat ear mites can be treated naturally. Initial treatment to get rid of ear mites generally takes a week or so and then a follow up treatment after 20 days must be done in order to get rid of cat ear mite eggs which will hatch at that time. Eggs are not able to be killed with initial treatment so in order to get rid of ear mites in cats or kittens entirely then you must do the follow up.

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