Control Your Doggies Bad Breath Naturally

Why Your Dog Has Bad Breath And How To Prevent It

Sometimes your dogs have bad breath and we almost faint because of how bad it smells.

Actually many doggies possess awful breath occasionally. Bad breath in dogs is caused by a variety of causes and some of the most common causes and ways to prevent the smelly problem are coming right up.

First owners need to rule out dog health concerns that could be the source of your doggy halitosis.

Next find out if the dogs’ teeth are OK and not having any decay or too much plaque built up .

Usually bad breath in dogs is because of the germs and plaque building up on their teeth, however, sometimes a visit to the vet may be in order to be sure there’s nothing else wrong internally.

Canines that have lots of chewies are able to have less problems with breath because that chewing helps reduce bacteria building up.

If the bad breath in your dog is too much to handle, consider giving some breath biscuits or chewies that are intended for good breath.

A natural remedy for promoting good dog breath is to give some parsley in the food.

Make your own toothpaste for dogs using a little baking soda, beef flavoring and water and give the dogs teeth a good brushing now and then for better smelling breath.

Of course, there are other things available today that can help too, such as natural dog breath spray or treats that you might think about trying if the breath issue is really making you crazy.

Coconut oil mixed in with the dogs food is another natural way to reduce foul smelling breath in dogs. It is helpful to freshen dogs breath because it has powerful anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.

So, you have some answers about controlling and preventing the problem of bad breath, give them a try and hopefully your dog’s breath will be pleasing once again so you may enjoy the closeness once again Solutions have been provided and we hope you’ll find one that works for your precious pup so having that bad dog breath won’t continue to get in the way of your dog getting up close.

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